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Cargo Shorts

Cargo Shorts came a long way from just being a fad, or from something you just wear during your “rugged” days. Whenever you feel like hitting the outdoors, what pops in to your mind? A lot of us might think about nature, strenuous physical activities which might include a lot of cardiovascular exercises and a lot of heavy breathing! Yes, that is exactly what most of us think of. With the advent of cross-trainings, individual wellness, global warming and environmental awareness, outdoor sports and activities are the “in-thing” nowadays. Come to think of it, mountain climbing and nature tripping is not as popular 20 years ago as it is today.

Well, maybe just a little, but blame it all on technology! You’ve got it, GPS (never need a map anymore…), Digital cameras and SLRs (never need a roll of film, ever…), and all the equipment you need is just around the corner (as long as you are near a sports shop). But one thing most people don’t leave their home without when going outdoors, is their indispensable “cargo shorts”. Most actually have a number of them in their closets and usually, some would prefer to use black cargo shorts when outdoors, because it looks neutral, goes well with other colors, and they say the black color of the cargo shorts, or any apparel it may be, can ward away pesky insects (just a myth, no definite scientific basis here…).

Cargo Shorts – The Advent

Let’s take a closer look at what’s on your cargo shorts to see what makes it lovable and indispensable. You’ll know one when you see one because of its cargo-like compartments in the form of pockets… lots of them. The fabric and rugged stitches are designed to be resilient to stress, making it conducive to wear in myriads of outdoor activities; and is distinguishable by many cargo-pockets in the form of side patches with accordion folds to increase the capacity of the pocket; then closed with a flap for security. The cargo shorts are designed for you to have an easy access to the necessary things in life when outdoors… think of Swiss-knife, cell phone, or a snicker bar.

Cargo Shorts for Everyone

There are a lot of ways to choose the right cargo shorts for you. Some even come in the form of pants made with it slower part removable allowing it to be converted into shorts. Many shops offer a variety of designs for this cool, rugged piece of apparel, depending on where you plan to use them. In terms of finding the right fit for you, the cargo shorts for men are usually loosely fit with a straight cut; wherein the women’s cargo shorts have this tighter fit with a wider hip-cut. But again, it all boils down to your preferences and where you plan to use it for. So, are you planning to take a trip to the wild side of the world? How about a “tree planting” project for the community? Or are you just planning to hang out with Mother Nature and roughing it out in the rapids? Plan ahead, prepare the right things and don’t forget to invest on a pair of cargo shorts. Who knows, your life and fun might depend on it.